Saturday, September 10, 2011

Haemorrhage Interview

1. Can you update us with what's going on these days?
We are working on new stuff for our new album but also playing our old songs for the live shows. We will our new album on Relapse so we are motivated, and also we will play in Russia a country where we have never been before so we are excited for this too! I think someday our splits with Dead Infection and Disgorge will be released but that's something its not in our hand.

2. You have been around for a long time, what has motivated you to keep this going on to this day?
We didn't get rich with this, so our only motivation is our love for this music and also the support of our fans. We have been constantly growing up as band, getting more exposure and more fans, playing in new countries and thats something that keep our interest always alive. Also we are friend and we like to pley together.

3. How would you describe your musical sound?
We are Grind Gore but people labeled us as Goregrind, Gore Metal, Death Grind, Death Metal...Who cares?? I think we just want to make brutal, fast and groovy music, and lately we include many heavy and gory riffs.

4. Were did you come up with the idea for the band name?
Our first name was Devourment. We made gore lyrics but the we started to make pathologically oriented lyrics, so I felt this name wasn't mean too much to describe our music. I liked the name of Haemorrhage cause in those days was pretty cool and I always liked the bands with single names like Death, Blood, Autopsy, Cancer, was the 90's trend if you remember it ha, ha.... If a new band choose a name like that it would sound ripe but in those days it was cool. And also I'm happy we changed our band's name cause we let the chance to other band to get the name of Devourment.

5. How would you describe the lyrical content?
Since the beggining of Haemorrhage we made gory lyrics with medical influences. That usuallly called as pathological lyrics. Sometimes we like to make twist lyirics full of medical concepts and sometimes we make more understable lyrics with more simple ideas, but always about death, sickness, blood...Dark Side of life. We like to treat this with a certain humour, but of course never becoming the typical "joke" band full of easy jokes.

6.How would you describe the musical progress over the years and what direction do you see the music heading into during the future?
People asked us this from the beggining and the asnwer isn't into us. This is always we can't predict. We can only be responsible for our music and for keeping our style. I think Death, Grind and Metal is a very solid style and would never die.

7. What are some of the best live shows that you have played so far?
Considering the feeling and peoples reaction we liked some gigs in clubs like Uherske Hradiste in Czech Republic, Wermelskirschen in Germany...Those were shows when we really enjoyed playing music, good sound, great feeling and ALL the people going crazy. I mean CRAZY. A total insane show surely you have been at some of these gigs sometime in your life.But for importance the best shows were in big festivals like WFF, Brutal Assault, Party San...where there's 10.000 or 30.000 watching us.

8. Are there any plans for a U.S tour?
I'm sure we would do it in the future but unfortunaltely its easier for us playing big festivals in Europe and they pay better!! ha, ha...Life in the road sucks!!!

9. I know you have released plenty of split ep's over the years, are there any bands that you would like to do a split with, but not had the oppurtunity?
Hmm...I think Impetigo, Macabre, Terrorizer, Repulsion...bands I always worshipped.

10. What inspired you to become a musician?
I'm not a musician, I'm a mortician. Anyway I was inspired by my love for music. I love this shit too much.

11. What are you listening to nowadays new or old?
For new bands I like Captain Clean-off, Jig-ai are quite extreme for old ones I'm listening Testament, Necronomicon, GBH, Bolt Thrower, Misfits, Gorefest, WASP...

12. What are some good films or literature that you would recommend?
I didn't read normal books. I read the story of Burke and Hare and a book about Psichokillers, but are both in spanish, surely people from other countries couldn't get them.About flims I didn't saw flims lately, except when I saw ICE AGE 3 with my son, but its too brutal for you guys!!!!

13. How would you describe the goregrind scene in Spain?
Killer!!! We have Gruesome Stuff Relish who in my opinion anre the new Impetigo, totally killer band, and also other bands like Altar of Giallo, Tu Carne, Monigo, Mixomatosis and other fucking cool grind bands like Difenacum, Looking for an answer, Nashgul, Disturbance Project....Spanish grind scene is one of the best in Europe for sure!!!

14. Any final words?
Yes, I hope you all listen to our new album on Relapse Records, it should be ready for early 2010. They will also re-release "Grume" and "Anatomical Inferno".

15. Thanks for the interview?

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