Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mortician/Hacked Up For Barbeque/Zombie Apoclypse/Relapse Records/1999 CD Re-Issue Review

  Mortician are a band from New York that has been around since the mid 80's and are one of the first bands to play gore/death grind in America and this is a review of their reissue of "Hacked Up For Barbeque" which also contained their "Zombie Apocylypse" ep and both where released by Relapse Records.

  Drum programming is all fast with some midpaced beats while the samples all come from classic horror movies from the 70's as well as 80's before they started censoring all the gore, as for the bass playing it has a very distorted as well as noisy sound with alot of fast picking as well as midpaced riffs.

  Rhythm guitars are down tuned with alot of fast riffs that use alot of grindcore influences and some midpaced playing while the guitar leads are fast and very noisy solos that contain no melody.

  Vocals are all low pitched death metal growls while the lyrics are all gore themes that are influenced by horror films and you can hear alot of slasher type themes, as for the production on this album it has a very raw but professional sound which is perfect for this kind of music.

  In my personal opinion this was a masterpiece album from Morticain and all fans off death/goregrind should have this album in their collection.
STANDOUT TRACKS INCLUDE "Three On A Meathook" "Hacked Up For Barbeque" "Necrocannibal" and "Blood Harvest". RECOMMENDED BUY

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