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Calm Hatchery Interview

1. Can you give us an introduction to the band and tell us more about the band?

Huzar: The band was brought to life in 2002 in Bialystok by me (HUZAR - gt), IWANA (gt and vo) and RADAD (dr). At that time all of us played in a different band but we often met at gigs that our bands played together. We talked a lot about music, gear and somehow we decided we want to play together and that's how it started. After 6 months of playing we home-recorded our first demo. Later we got joined by GUNAR (vo) and got temporary support from MAAR (ba). In this lineup we played a few local gigs and assembled the whole material for "El-Alamein". In 2004 we entered the studio. Just before the session started we changed the vocalist, GHAEZ took in for GUNAR. After recording we got back to playing show and sent our our material in search of a label. Unfortunately misfortune stayed with the band. GHAEZ left out of lack of time, soon after IWAN did the same and after few other member rotations that didn't really change anything CALM HATCHERY got suspended. What's more I decided to return to my hometown - Slupsk (I just studied in Bialystok). While in Slupsk I kept receiving good reviews for "El-Alamein" and decided to keep the band alive. I found a guitarist and bassist (ZOMBI and HACEL) - but it was hard to find a good drummer and we played just as three. SZCZEPAN (vo) joined later. For a short time we had DYX (dr) playing with us but wasn't what we were looking for. In the meantime an invitation to ZAMCZYSKO FESTIVAL 2006 in Malbork came so I called RADAD and he agreed to play one show. When he arrived for a rehearsal we had such a good time that he decided to return to the band. He had to cross long distance for rehearsals but we continued this way. In 2006 we recorded a demo "THESE WHICH WERE". Back then we played a series of shows however in 2006 RADAD went to ENGLAND. Somehow we were managing to keep the band but decided that it won't work in the long run and RADAD ultimately left the band. We started to look for a new drummer and were able to find RADEK, drummer from TEHACE and that's the lineup we have today.

2. What are some of the imusical equipment or studios that you have used to create the sound of the new album?
Most of the guitar tracks were recorder using and LTD JH-600 but I also used Fender Heartfield. We tried a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier and Diezel Herbert amps and for this particular record Diezel turned out to sound better. Wieslawski brothers have this ability that they can match a tone and sound to a particular band. They do not follow just one working scheme. Everything takes shape during the recording which is great. The whole material was register in HERTZ studio known for recording bands like VADER and DECAPITATED. Wieslawski brothers also helped with last BEHEMOTH's album production. I'm not saying this for advertising but because they are splendid sound engineers and it was not a coincidence that the mentioned bands worked with them.

3. Where did you get the ideas or inspirations from to write the lyrics of the new album and how would you describe your lyrical content?

Ideas come from everywhere: dreams, read books, everyday life events, even from eating hallucinogenic mushrooms. Generally from the whole space around. I'm just a receiver that catches all those images and unfortunately has to write them down in words so that they do not disappear. The ones that appear in the mind and not in words are much deeper...

Some of the lyrics deal with human and his role in life, why do we exist?; about his confusion on the desert that today's civilization is and the hollowness of the material world that is just an illusion; about the truth, where does it lie and what is important for us living beings. There is also a historical theme about the extinction of the ancient civilizations that existed in peace with mother nature until a man eager for their wealth landed his foot on their country. The inspiration was Herman Cortez's expedition to conquer Mexico and exposing war's pointlessness using battle of Stalingrad's tragedy. There are also 2 songs of a totally imaginative lyrical content but still sticking to the ancient cultures theme and inspired by well known Lovecraft. However, the main theme of the album is human, his rise and fall.

4. Where did you come up with the idea for the band name Calm Hatchery?

Me and Iwan (first guitarist) came up with the name. We realize it is abstract, but we liked how it sounds and wanted to be deceitful towards the music style we perform.

5. What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?

An unforgettable and definitely the best show was our GENERACJA 2010 FINAL performace in Koszalin as support act for VADER and NAPALM DEATH. It was after this show that Karol from SELFMADEGOD RECORDS got in touch with us. The gig was awesome, we had an opportunity to play in front of 2000 people and for a support act we received a very good response. Another show that I consider one of the best was our recent performance in Ireland. Total madness and no prisoners taken! We hope for more gigs like that.

6. Do you have any touring plans for the new album?

We are invited for DEFENSE FSTIVAL in Krakow for Ferbruary to play with bands like Asphyx, Lost soul, Paracide. For now this is the closest date we have planned but we hope the new album will enable us to play more shows. we are waiting for offers.

7. What is going on with the other projects these days?

Hacel is a guitarist in the band AGGRESSOR, Szczepan plays with with DEABHAR and THE BLACK THUNDER and Radek helps TEHACE. Zombi and me play only in CALM HATCHERY.

8. how have extreme death metal fans worldwide react to your music sound?

We have not played worldwide yet (hahaha!) but in the places we played so far people reacted very lively and spontaneously. Sometimes they didn't mosh at all just standing and listening to the music but sometimes they were totally crazy. To sum up people reacted in most diverse ways but with a positive attitude. No matter how they react we feel the energy we send them comes back in an even greater ammount which is our and the fans' energy combined. It is a wonderful feeling.

9. What direction would you like to take the band into on future releases?

I don't know yet, I don't plan music according to some blueprint but rather wait for some cosmic beam to inspire me or other members. I take a guitar and if I get an idea I record it. Music can't be like a factory product, let it flow freely. When we compose we never give it a thought if it should be fast or slow and if it sells good. We just do our best for the music to be as good as possible and make ourselves like it. We have a few new sketches that still need some work. As for future plans we would surely like to record a next album but when the right time comes. It is hard today to determine when exactly, perhaps in 2 years new material will be ready, time will show.

10. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music, and also what are you listening to nowadays?

We love NILE, DECAPITATED, MORBID ANGEL, HATE ETERNAL, BEHEMOTH and many other extreme bands. We do not try to hide our influences and if someone points out any similarities we do not deny it but rather take it as a compliment. We do not listen to Metal music only, personally I love dark ambient e.g. STEVE ROACH, SUSPENDED MEMORIES but also other music like OZRIC TENTACLES, jazzrock e.g. ALLAN HOLDSWORTH, BRENDAN PERRY, DEAD CAN DANCE, MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA, ALIO DIE and AMELIA CUNI, film music, classical music... the list could go on and on, haha, we are listening to anything that's worth it not bordering ourselves just within Metal.

11. Outside of music what are some of your interests?

I love to drink beer, haha! But seriously... I like reading books, listening to music, sometimes draw. I'm crazy about world war II army equipment and I like distant a shame one has to work everyday and there is not enough time for all this.

12. Any final words or thoughts before we close this interview?

Thank you for this interview, it was very nice talking to you. I am happy our band found a label and everything moved forward. I have always dreamed about it and strong faith in what you do gives results, we are an example for this. We are not making it big as a band but it does not matter. What is important is we are doing what we want to do and it makes us satisfied. Best regards to all the readers and all the people listening to independent music. You're definitely invited to give our album a listen!

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