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Gorgy Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the band for those that have never heard of you before?
Bobby: We're a five peice from Kentucky, USA. 2008 is when the band started. It was first just Kelly (Guitar) and Clint (Drums) jamming together after their old band Scars of Suffering split. They contacted Bobby (Vocals) and asked to do vocals. After a few practices we were really liking the direction of things and wanted to get a full line up going. So Bobby contacted long time friend, Jeremy (Guitar/Vocals). They were both in a band together at one time call Internal Malice and asked if he would be interested in joining. He learned the songs before coming out to practice and it just felt natural. We had a hard time finding a bassist as they are rare in the area. We recruited Clay which used to play in Scars of Suffering with Kelly and Clint to help record the album. Shortly after the album was done Clay decided to go his separate ways. We then contacted Chris (Bass). We all knew Chris for a long time as he was in a quite a few bands in the area. Bobby let him hear the record and Chris loved what he heard and wanted to be a part of what we call Gorgy.

2. How would you describe the musical sound of the new album?
Kelly: We have taken a classic approach to old school death grind. That would be a lot of our influence and added some young blood with Jeremy bringing a touch of the new tech grind to us.

3. What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects the music explores?
Kelly: Well we all write and, myself, Jeremy & Clint are very into gore and we are avid Satanist / Antichristian so we tend to combine elements of that. The first album touches a lot more on the straight forward gore aspects that we all adore. Taking all that is sacred for example I wrote a lot of Disgorge The Child and it is about a stepfather killing a stepchild out of rage against the mother.
Not to mention Bob comes up with awesome songs based off of classic and underground horror movies and a mild political agenda. He is the sickest vocalist I've had the privilage of working with.
Bobby:  Yea, I like to write about horror movies, and gore in general. For example, The track "Battered Bruised Raped and Torn" was inspired by one of my fav's "I spit on your grave". Other subjects I like to write are about raw aggression towards the women who whore their bodies and produce fucked up drug addicted kids with no remorse.

4. What is the meaning and inspiration behind the bands name?
Bobby: Taking the 2 words, Gore and Orgy then fusing them together. In definition meaning a group of people witnessing a act of violence with plenty of gore.

5. What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how
would you describe your stage performance?

Kelly: I would have to say my favorite to date would have to be Freeport, IL. That show really established us as a force to be reconed with and we earned a great and growing fan base as a result. In all honesty anything we do that is NYDM related always kicks ass. As for stage presence, we are fucking menacing.
Bobby: I think I would have to agree! That was a great show, very memorable.

6. Do you have any touring plans for the new release?
Kelly: Well we have been doing a series of festivals this year just to hit mass audiences. Being that this is our first album we thought it would be a good idea to spread the name far and wide with the most impact at one time. So we are doing shows that are spread out that cater to a wide audience. Hopfully we'll do a mini tour next year and as the fan base grows so will the touring.

7. When I saw your photo on Metal Archives you where jamming in front of a
trailer, did you ever run into problems with the rednecks that usually live
in that kind of enviroment?
Kelly: Lol, actually that was at a KYDM BBQ , umm no most neighbors were yelling turn it up. Later that night we did get the cops called on us during a very drunken 2nd set and the officer told me an elderly lady had called five times in a row and said she couldn't take the damned devils music anymore. Prior to doing stuff like that we warn people and even the local authorities. Luckily I was friends with the cop.

8. Currently you are singed to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions how did you
get in contact with the label and how would you describe the support that
they have given you so far?
Bobby: Well we made a list of the labels that we were interested in working with. Sent out press kits to them all. Started talking with Mike and he really liked what he heard and wanted to work with us. Mike has been great. He really loves metal and supports the bands on his label. We're very happy and proud to be on the roster of HPGD.

9. Are there any projects besdies this band or is this a full time line-up?
Kelly: Gorgy is certainly what gets our full attention but members of the band also have various side projects like Storming Heaven which is Satanic black metal, Hot Pocket which is tard grind, Whore Hammer which is crust grind. We are all solid with Gorgy and these are our just for fun projects and all consist of Gorgy members. Hell there is even a damned folk metal band I can't pronounce the fucking name of. We are just a bunch of die hard metal heads with a shit ton of influence and not enough time in the day to cover them all.
Bobby: Yea, me and Chris started Whorehammer a few years ago, that was a crusty/grind/jazz band it kinda dissipated for a while. We're looking to write some new songs for it just because it's a different outlet of stuff that dosen't fit with Gorgy.

10. On a worldwide level how has your music been recieved by death metal
Bobby: So far very positive.
Kelly: With great interest and compliments from the majority. There a few that we don't cater to and to them I say fuck off we didin't write this for you we wrote it because it's what we love. We are just fortunate enought that others like it as well.

11. What direction do you see the music heading into on future releases?
Kelly: Well considering the 2nd album is already mostly written, I can say faster, more technical, more evil and still embracing our old school roots with a few more tricks up our sleves. Jeremy and I will be trading solos more often and in general it is more of a combined effort vs me writing a lot of the riffs for the first album. God nor man stand a chance against us in the future.
Bobby: I'm also going to be experimenting with a lot of different vocal patterns on the next album. Adding Chris to the vocal assualt, along with Jeremy, it's going to a lot of fun. I'm also looking to branch out with my lyrical content to include more anti-religion/anti-political subjects. oh and fucking dead chicks.

12. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music
and also what are you listening to nowadays?
Kelly: For me I can say the same subjects and bands that influenced me years ago such as Napalm Death, Suffocation, Blood Duster, Morbid Angel. Though I am not sure how much they shine through in our material. As for bands I like now Abominant has slayed for years, Viraemia, Decrepit Birth, Nile owns all that is death metal and really the list is so vast I could right all day. I even take influence from bluegrass, jazz and off the wall shit.
Bobby: I've always been a fan of fast crust punk, grindcore/goregrind and traditional old school death metal. those are the elements that I love to have as a forground to work vocal patterns around. Changing octaves from one line to the next while keeping it flowwing.
Right now the five albums in my player as been the new Autopsy- Macabre Eternal, Waco Jesus-Receptive When Beaten, Gorgy- Birth of Damnation, Gravehill-Rites of the Pentagram, Avulsed-Nullo.

13. How would you describe the death metal scene in Kentucky?
Kelly: Sparse, but tight nit. We have Abominant KY Goat Metal legends, Created to Kill, Assisting Sorrow, Mangled Atrocity, Invoked just to name a few off the top of my head. All varied in style and long lasting bands. The scene is fairly well centered around the Louisville area as well. Us coming out of So. KY we are avoided like a plauge. Even local radio DJ's have called out the clubs to book us but have personally told me they fear us for some reason. We hope to keep it growing and evolving. I am even the President of the KY chapter of the NYDM so we do our best to help. There are a few fests like Mayhem in May and the newly added Louisville Deathfest that are adding to support, as well as Terry Harper which brings all the big shows to the Louisville area.

14. Outside of music what are some of your interests?
Kelly: I enjoy motorcylces, fire arms, movies, time with my kid. I read alot. I know most of my fellow band mates are gaming junkies. We all practice constanly on strengthening our livers with massive quantities of alcohol. Most of us are face book whores as well and promote the band often. Metal is so much a part of my existence I damn near revolve my life around it then crash during down time or continue to write and rehearse.
Bobby: Work, hang out with my kids, watch random documentaries on Netflix, play xbox, getting my dick sucked..often and mess with photoshop every now and then.

15. Any final words or thoughts before we wrap up this interview?
Kelly: Well, I just wanna say HEY YELL SAY TON, and uh that the music we play and support is never gonna die no matter how much all the trendy fuckers wish it would. All the kids with comb overs and thier sisters pants will eventually figure out where it all started and convert to the originators and quit focusing on rehashed bullshit with extra added breakdowns. But most of all thank you for taking an interest and hopfully we'll catch you on the road. Oh yeah fuck pit ninjas.

Bobby: I'd like to say thank you to anyone that reads this, checks out Gorgy, likes our album Birth Of Damnation, and supports underground metal. Thank you for the interview. Grind-the-fuck-on fuckers!!

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