Thursday, August 4, 2011

Illdisposed Interview

1. Can you update us with what is going on with Illdisposed these days?
To sum up 2009, weive released a new album and done 2 tours. First the Headbanger's Ballalong with our local friends Hatesphere, and later on the Christmas Metasl Meeting with Six Feet Under.

2. Where did you come up with the idea for the band name?
That's a long timeago, but I think word was sung on one of the first Forbidden's album, you know that ole Bay Area thrash band. It has no deeper meanintg to us.

3. What are some of the best shows that you have played so far, and how would you describe your stage performance?
We always try to involve the audience somwhow and making them a part of it.v So to give our best performance on stage takes a good screaming crowd. It can be difficult at a big festivals when people are too far away from us, we prefer the club shows wehere the fall is packed.

4. Are there any plans to tour the United States in the future?
Yeah definitely. We'eo on the roster of the Thunderdome Touring now and will hopefully come to the states in 2010.

5. How would you describe your musical progress and what direction do you see the band heading into on future releases?
In the beginning we were a plain death metal band but after a few releases we devoloped our own kind of grooving death metal. the past 5 years we've gotten more melodic, I guess that's a sign of getting old.

6. How has the new material been recieved so far from the metal community?
Very well. As a matter of fact it's 10 years ago we had a release that was'nt well recieved. But you always have the haters throwing shit at you when you start getting more popular and having your albums on the charts. You just gotta close your eyes to that.

7. How would you describe the lyrical content of the music?
It's mainly Bo's personal view on what's going on with his life. There's alot of hate and depression. I think he's getting all the piled up agressions out that way.

8. What are some bands or music styles that have inspired you to become a musician?
I've always been interested in music, at least since I could understand what music was.I started playing the piano when I was 5 years old. Later on I started playing bass playing and drums and when I was 12 years old I started playing guitar. It was mainly Metallica and King Diamond/ Mercyful Fate who inspired me to play the guitar.

9. What are you listening to nowadays?
I prefer music that has a soul and has something to tell. It can be any genre. I think that many of the new metal bands have to much to prove when they play. It's about being as extreme as possible and it's killing the soul of the music.

10. What are some interests that you have outside of music?
Eating. Drinking. Playing my Wii.

11. How would you describe the metal scene in Denmark, I dont hear much about this country but I know quite a bit about the other Scandiavian countries?
If you would any other Danish metal musician he would say that the scene is better than before, that we have so many bands that atre getting popular worldwide and bla bla bla. But I think it's bullshit. It's difficult to people here to see what's really going on outside the country. We're only a few bands here who are even touring
outside Denmark. doing the hard work that it takes. No wonder that Sweden are better than us at this point. They have the guts to bit on their career and do something about it.

12. Any final words or thoughts?
Yeah check out our new album "To those that walk behind us". In case you don't know people often compare us to Kataklysm and Amon Amarth and stuff like that. Hopefully see you on tour.

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