Monday, October 31, 2011

Blood Ritual/Black Grimoire/Moribund Records/2005 CD Review

Blood Ritual are a band that is originally from Seattle,Washington but know lives in Portland,Oregon that plays a style that I would describe as Satanic death metal with a blackened touch and this is a review of their 2005 album "Black Grimoire" which was released by Moribund Records during the year of 2005.

Drums are mostly fast with alot of blast beats and when the music slows down so does the drumming to give the music a more evil edge, while the bass playing is very dark and distorted sounding with a mixture of fast and slow riffs and at times there are some very powerful bass leads.

Rythym guitars cover alot of ground with some real fast death metal riffs that have some black metal influences mixed in with some more slower melodic riffs that kind of have a doomy feel to them while the guitar leads are very fast and also contain alot of melody as well as some exotic sounding scales.

Vocals are mostly low pitched death metal growls with some ocassional high pitched screams and on the last song there are some clean ritualistic vocals, while the lyrics are satanic rituals with alot of the averse sephiroth of the Caballa entwined together with one song being a tribute to Anton LaVey and there lyric approach which would be perfect for black metal gives them some originality in the death metal field, as for the production on this recording which was recorded and engineered by Jesse O' Donnel at Autopsy Room in Seatlle,Washington sounds very professional and you can hear all of the musical instruments.

In my opinion this is a very good album and Blood Ritual are probably one of the best bands that plays Blackened death Metal. Fans of Satanic death metal or other forms of evel metal should pick up this album.
RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "InvocationSatan" "Necromancy" "Destruction Ritual" and "Ur Song". RECOMMENDED BUY

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