Monday, October 31, 2011

Evil Incarnate Interview

1. Can you update us with what is going on with the band these days?
EvilMike- well, the Original drummer i created this band with AndiChrist had moved back to Houston Texas for a job opportunity because as you know this shit is for the love of the Musick and very few can actually make a living off of it if any but we wrote a entire new cd of songs and recorded a 2 song demo that is up on our player. i want to record the songs we wrote in the fall because these songs just wont be the same without Andy and we talked about this and both feel the same way about it. he understands im still jamming with other guys to keep it alive. i have had to teach several Guitarists who have come and gone since Rob is now long gone from the Kult and now i am very happy with the replacement Guitarist Roberto from Italian band NO MERCY living here now in the States. we have another new Drummer Ryan from a Local Chicago band DEVANGELIST (who just replaced Brett Fugate ex IMPETIGO/ANGEL KILL Drummer) and he is now learning our live set for coming events. i would like to Record the CD/LP with Andy as mentioned and because we cant jam together and do shows i will then continue writing yet another new CD/LP with Roberto and Ryan. i want to always expieriment a little each CD but since i have always been the main Musical contributor besides Andy's Arrangements and humming out riffs ideas, the riffs will stay true to our sound. it will be interesting for sure and after all these years thats something i personally need to remain focussed and Motivated.

2. You have been around for awhile,what influence do you feel that you have on the more evil death metal bands that exist these days?
EvilMike- i am a Humble guy and i have never been into these Rock Star Attitudes some guys have a reputation of having but to answer the question we have been told quit often we have influenced younger bands. i am just glad to have made my contribution to the scene and it has been my Honor to have had this opportunity to be considerd among the Elite level of Veteran Musicians in America. we have always stood out among the Crowd and will remain to do so. who wants to be a clone band i say. influences are one thing and we all have them but you gotta do your own thing even if it takes a little longer to be accepted for it.

3. How has your newer material been recieved by Extreme Metal Fans Worldwide?
EvilMike- Nothing but Great words have been said about the new stuff people have heard. actually some have even said it is like our best stuff from our past yet even better. that has a lot to do with Andy and myself writing together again for this. that is a Chemistry we have always had and is very, very hard to find if even ever. if i did not have a family to bring with and was only myself i would move to Houston to Jam with my good Friend in a HeartBeat.

4. What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?
EvilMike- hands down some of our best shows were with Andy for sure but when we toured in Mexico/USA the shows in Mexico were the Best we have ever had Crowdwise. our performance is a Bombastic Assault of Blasphemy. we love to interact with the Crowd and our fans are always the Best and completely DieHard Metal Maniacs.

5. Are there any plans for a European tour?
EvilMike- of course we have ALWAYS wanted to Tour Europe we just cant afford the Tour support plus the Flieghts so thats the only problem. we have had several killer Tour opportunities offerd to us but for the Explained reasons we have not been able to commit. i am confident someday a Label will make this happen for us.

6. Are any of the current members involved with any side projects?
EvilMike- the current and very new Drummer Ryan is still involved with his band DEVANGELIST from The Chicagoland area.

7. How would you describe the musical progress over the years and what direction do you see the music heading into on future releases?
EvilMike- you have to keep in mind the style of the Drummer and Maximize the situation. if Ryan sticks to this and i hope he does we will go ultra Fast. Roberto likes to play Ultra Fast and Technical so im lookin forward to that as its something i have wanted to do. a super fast EI Album...the CD/LP With Andy will be along the lines of our 2 demo traks that will be on that CD/LP and on our player the tracks i am talking about are titled "Fortress of Sodom" and "Gospel of Blasphemy".

8. Out off all the albums that you have recorded so far which one are you the most satisfied with?
EvilMike- the new stuff i wrote with Andy hands down. this will be my fave CD/LP but i guess i would say i am torn between "Blackest Hymns of Gods Disgrace" we wrote together with Rob Rigney and the CD/LP "Waiting for His Return" Rigney and i wrote/Record together with Garrett the Drummer for that release who's now been Touring/Recording with our friends LIVIDITY past few years.

9.What are some bands or music styles that have influenced your lyrics and what are you listening to nowadays?
EvilMike- The Influences remain the same still and have always been stuff like GRAVE, DISMEMBER, SLAYER, SODOM, VITAL REMAINS, BATHORY, VENOM, DEICIDE, MORBID ANGEL. newer stuff theres not much i enjoy other than BEHEMOTH and ive been getting more into BELPHEGOR, BLACK DAHLIA MURDER is ok.

10. Where do you draw your views on Satanism, what occult philosophers, authors,orders, or practices helped influence your approach to Satanism?
EvilMike- The Order of The Black Sun should sum it up for you if you are familiar with this subject.

11. What are some of your interests outside of music?
EvilMike- Conspiracy Thoeries and Politics...although i do not Believe in Christ as the Bible we all know of reads i do know we have a Dark Force and love the Chance to Blaspheme this Christ so when i catch up on news from places that Expose The False Government we have here on sites like it makes me cringe that they mention people need to get right with God from time to time but this sort of exposing of People like The Banksters/Assholes Rothchilds and Bilderburg Groups Zionist Scum and Communists like Obama interests me as it is My duty here to spread the Word as a American. they will not take away our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Better Dead than Red!!!
i am also into Sports like Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, and Powerlifting and a big Fishing guy. i love to catch big Game Fish like Large Mouth Bass and Walley. i havent had the pleasure of catching a Musky but im workin on it.

12. Any final words or thoughts?
EvilMike- TV is called Television Programming for a reason. Never trust your Government and always ask questions. in the recent MIAC Report they actually listed people like ex-Vets and ex-Police and also Moms who Homeschool children as Terrorists. give me a Fuckin break! RON PAUL for President!!!without a free Society i would'nt be able to do the things i do and neither will anyone else. Believe it, it can and just might happen. maybe i should be writing songs about this because these guys are the True Evil Incarnate. Actually if they get thier way and Enslave us all these Commie Zionists Scum bags we might not even be allowed to have Extreme Metal anymore. never forget Communist Marxist Russia for example...Socialism will only open the doorway for this no matter how well they Sugar coat it.

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