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Drawn And Quartered Interview

1. Can you update us with what is going on with Drawn And Quartered these days?
1. Drawn and Quartered has been writing a new record since returning from tour in 2008, our vocalist has taken over the bass duties. We are now a trio. We recorded a song for a 7" and compilation for RELAPSE records. We are working on demos of 10 new songs, and have a few more as well. We started using one tempo for most of our songs now, this has made the songs a lot more headbanging, and more fun to play. We are looking forward to finishing the demos, and start recording a new record sometime in early 2010. We are also working on a new website, an updated logo and are experimenting with video taping some rehearsals of new songs for possible posting online.

2. I know that the band members have participated in other projects, who are they and what styles of music do they play?
2) There are just three of us now Herb Burke plays bass and vocals, Dario Derna plays drums, and Shane Kuciemba plays the guitars. We have all done numerous projects, bands and recordings. D&Q began as PLAGUE BEARER(Death/Black/Grind) back in 1992, and Herb Joined with me in 1993 on vocals, we performed and recorded as PB until 1995, Herb came up with the new name. From 1999-2001 I revived PLAGUE BEARER(Black/Thrash), and Herb and former D&Q bass player Greg Reeves were involved with demos we recorded around that time. In 2004 I assembled PLAGUE BEARER(Black/Death) again for the "Rise of the Goat" 7" on Nuclear Winter records, out of Greece. From 2004-2008 Herb, Greg and I were performed and recorded as WINDS OF PESTILENCE(Black/Death/Thrash). There is a project called SORROWS FADE(Black Metal), that I have been asked to play guitar for, mainly just some demos in 2010. Dario has done many projects including INFETSTER(Death), Krohm( Black Metal,he does all the instruments) and Recently he produced a demo for VESTUS OBSCURUM(Black) with Herb on some vocal tracks and Mike from INMEMORIUM on some vocals tracks.

3. What are some of the best shows that you have played so far?
3) One memorable show happened in 1999. We had a tour booked with VILE and CEPHALIC CARNAGE, we were to join them in progress as they finished off a leg of the tour opening for IMMOLATION. Herb and I flew down to SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA to see the show a few days before our joining the tour. After an awesome show and good time that ensued, IMMOLATION (with John McEntee from INCANTATION playing guitar on that tour) ended up playing a show with us in PORTLAND , OREGON, a special unannounced performance! That was great. We also got to open for MORBID ANGEL that year, and a friend of ours (Big Pete R.I.P.) was running sound for us and did an amazing job. I think the best is yet to come!

4. Are ther any plans to bring your brutal death metal assault to Europe and terrorize the stages ot there?
4) Sadly we just haven't achieved the status, or enough international interest to be able to come to Europe yet, and that is something we still believe is possible, in the future, perhaps with the release of our next record.

5. How would you describe the lyrical content of the music?
5)The lyrical content has ranged the typical concepts found in music of this type. Most of the songs have been about killing or death in some form or another. Our philosphical beliefs also make an appearance, usually in a violent way. Ultimately these lyrics are a reflection of the world around us, the ones that seemed most appropriate for the style of music we are attempting to create, at least. Our goal is to entertain, much like a movie or book, using imagery and concepts that convey a certain feeling.

6. How would you describe your musical progress over the years and what direction do you see the music heading into on future releases?
6) Early on as we began to explore this genre of metal, we tried to incorporate a wide variety of styles and ideas filtered through our de-tuned instruments and sub-sonic vocal approach. The earliest material has elements of death metal and grindcore, and hints of black metal. I felt quite limited in our writing, in Mk.1 of DRAWN AND QUARTERED. Our drummer at the time was more interested in a more rythmic approach with diverse and quick tempo changes, while I wanted to incorporate more dark melodic riffs and guitar solos. This led to my reforming versions of PLAGUE BEARER out of frustration, so I could incorporate more of these ideas into my writing and ultimately the departure of that band member. In 2002, the Mk.11 version of D&Q began with the addition of Dario to the band. The writing process became much easier, unleashing a flood of ideas leading the us quickly writing, recording and releasing 4 full length records, a demo, bonus tracks and some songs for a 7". We also performed many shows during this time, I did the PLAGUE BEARER sessions in 2004 and we did WINDS OF PESTILENCE from 2004-2008. All this experience, has led us to this point. DRAWN AND QUARTERED Mk.111 will be another prgressive leap, musically. Our use of the click track is making the entire product better, more polished without compromising any of the elements we've always incorporated in our music, darkness and brutality. Our last two albums have added a lot more harmonic and atmospheric elements to our music. In some ways we've gone back to the basics in some of the song and riff construction, and incorporated some evil sounding black metal influences again as well. The new stuff is much more driving, is chock full of memorable riffs and will be a much more enjoyable experience for our listeners, and should appeal to the types of fans that should be into our music, that may have not quite got on board yet. Some bands seem to make their best records earlier on, we seem to be doing just the opposite!

7. When can we expect new material?
7) As I mentioned before, there is a demo version of one of our songs for a long awaited 7" series on RELAPSE records, 'in the can' so to speak. So fans should contact RELAPSE for information about that. We have been working on recording demos of 10 of our new songs, to work out vocals, guitar parts and solos. We'll probably post some of these songs in the early months of 2010. We'd like to record a new full length CD in 2010. As we all know the music industry is evolving rapidly, so how our future releases will be released and distributed is not entirely known at this time.

8. What are some bands that have influenced your sound?
8) If you read reviews of our records, you'll find certain obvious influences mentioned. This is becoming tiresome to me, but these bands have formed the blueprint to our sound. So we are still finding our voice in some ways. But we certainly wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for bands like BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN. SLAYER and METALLICA, helped shape our musical direction, and later SODOM, KREATOR, BATHORY and DESTRUCTION played a huge part as well as POSSESSED and DEATH, in directing our musical directions. Bands like DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED, CARCASS, CANNIBAL CORPSE, MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE, DEICIDE, and many others inspired and influenced the music we play today.

9. What are you listening to nowadays?
9)I have always listened to diverse styles of music, and haven't kept up with exteme metal as much as used to. But I still buy records and go to shows, some of the bands I saw MSG GROUP, SUFFOCATION, VITAL REMAINS, ANGEL CORPSE, HEAVEN AND HELL, DEAD CONGREGATION to name a few, as well as numerous bands I encounter on myspace. Herb buys a lot of Black Metal vinyl and Dario downloads a lot of metal, so they are a bit more tuned into what is going on in recent years.

10. Does Satanism or Occultism have any influence on the music?
10) Yes, those elments have influeneced us directly and indirectly. But usually we use this imagery to mock or denounce things we think are ridiculous, such as dusty old, outdated beliefs and absurd rituals people followly blindly that irrelevant to reality in our point of view.

11. What are some films or literature that you have an interest in?
11) I enjoy hororor movies of all types, and sci-fi/fantasy themed movies. As far as literature, I like reading motivational, or 'self-help' on occasion, but mostly I read novels and rule books pertaining to WARHAMMER 40,000.

12.What are some interests that you have outside of music?
12) I have had a longtime interest in games and painting miniatures, often times I had to put these on the back burner as music, work, relationships and took precednce for many years. I also studied guitar repair and worked as a luthier at times. I find it is best for my life and happiness to have time recreation as well as work at this time in my life. I'm taking more interest in my health and exercise this year, and would like to continue developing other artisitc skills such as writing and graphic art.

13. Being a part of The Seattle ungerground movement since the early 90's how would you say that scene has evolved since then?
13) There are certainly more bands and a larger pool of musicians, but really it hasn'[t evolved very far in almost twenty years!

14. Any final words or thoughts?
14)Thanks for taking an interest in DRAWN NAD QUARTERED!

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